1. Practical Experience

School Centred Teacher Training (SCITT) is the one of the best paths to take if you want to get first-hand experience when training to become a teacher. From the first day of term you are immersed in the classroom environment where you will learn how to become a teacher by working alongside them.

There are no false starts with SCITT training, you know what is expected of you from the very beginning. You get to lesson plan, understand student engagement and experience the buzz of a school from day one, so when you gain Qualified Teacher Status you already know the tricks of the trade.



  1. Putting theory into practice

Starting your teacher training in a school environment allows you to put the theory into practice straight away. This allows you the ability to experience first-hand the aspects of your training. Being able to relate personally to an essay topic can make the PGCE more enjoyable.

If you want to understand theoretical concepts while experiencing the practical aspect then the Altius Alliance is the place you should train. The SCITT offers an all-encompassing experience to teaching.



  1. Develop confidence in the classroom

Embarking on your teaching career can be a daunting thought, however, through School Centred Teacher Training you become a ‘teacher’ the moment you step foot in your classroom. This path to becoming a qualified teacher helps build confidence as you get to understand how to engage your students from the offset.

When you train with the Altius Alliance you are treated as a teacher from the first day of term, having the respect of your colleagues and students. You start by observing other teachers and building your confidence until you are teaching full lessons.

Working along experienced teachers allows you quickly to create techniques needed to teach and gain understanding, early in your training, of the best methods to engage your students.

Being able to establish control methods to keep students’ attention helps them attain that vital passion for learning and ignites your passion for teaching.



  1. Building rapport

Being a teacher is more than simply standing at the front of a classroom and talking. With School Centred Teacher Training you get to experience all the different aspects of school life, from assemblies to break time, parents evening to exams.

The whole school experience allows you to build rapport with your colleagues and you can see how they teach and how they manage difficult situations. The support system at the Altius Alliance is very well-established.



  1. Smaller training groups

School Centre Teacher Training offers a more intimate setting than other training providers, which allows you to receive a more personalised training programme.

SCITT offers increased one-to-one training, smaller group sessions and different opportunities for enrichment including working with primary aged pupils and post 16.

At the Altius Alliance we have an excellent provision for our Associate Teachers to help with their training where a Leader in Education is always available to help. Our Specialist Leaders in Education often still teach themselves so can offer the best support.


For anyone thinking about a career in the classroom, although there’s nothing quite like gaining hands-on experience, our virtual Q & A sessions will give you the chance to speak with us and gain a full insight into what you can expect.


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