As we prepare to welcome our brand new cohort of Associate Teachers to Altius Teacher Training this September, we share eight of our best tips to help them settle in.


  • Observe

One of the best things about training with Altius is that you will be in the classroom from day one, observing how teachers settle their pupils into class at the start of term and manage behaviour from the outset.

Watch how other teachers conduct themselves, notice how leaders handle challenging behaviour and mirror how they get the most out of their pupils.


  • Ask questions

Accept that there are no stupid questions. Your mentors at Altius are practising teachers and experts in their subjects, which puts you at a huge advantage. Make the most of the breadth of their knowledge and experience and seek their feedback about your subject progress and classroom presence. You will become a better teacher for it.


  •  Build friendships

Peer support is vital when training for a teaching career and, at Altius, our smaller cohort means that our Associate Teachers build strong friendships with one another very quickly.

Help each other by sharing knowledge, working through challenging situations together and learning from one another’s particular skills. Take a break and talk about other things from time to time as strong friendships will help support and enhance your professional life.


  • Set yourself boundaries

Teaching can be all-consuming, particularly when you have lessons to plan and work to mark. Make sure you manage your schedule and plan time for yourself. It’s important you are able to maintain high energy levels in the classroom so set your working hours and stick to them to ensure you’re well-rested and prepared for the next day.


  • Read

It is always important to read your assignment tasks carefully before you start so that you are certain of exactly what is required.

Also read around your subject to broaden your knowledge. There is a range of books and research available about teaching so ask your course leader for some recommendations.


  • Immerse yourself

By becoming fully involved in the life of the schools in which you are placed, you will fully experience the joy of being a teacher in your training year. Have fun with the pupils as well as your colleagues and learn to go with the flow.

Teaching can be unpredictable and not everything will go to plan but, the chances are, there will rarely be a dull moment.


  • Reflect

At the end of each day, take some time to reflect and understand what went well and what you’d like to improve on for next time. Write down your challenges so that once they no longer pose a difficulty you can cross them off your list.

Recognise your successes, however big or small, and take pride in them.


  • Enjoy yourself

You are embarking on a truly unique and rewarding career. Training with Altius means that you get to experience the energy, spontaneity and fun of the classroom from day one and are able to have an immediate impact on the lives and outcomes of young people, which is an incredible privilege.

This is the start of a very exciting and fulfilling journey so get ready, take a breath and enjoy every moment.