Financial Support

What financial support can I get?

Tuition Fee Loans

Tuition fees for the SCITT are £9,250 per annum. UK and EU trainees can take out a tuition fee loan to cover the full amount of the tuition fees. It is not means tested and you only repay the loan when you start to earn over £25,000. It is not compulsory to take out a loan: you can pay the full fees yourself or pay part of the fees and take a loan out for the rest. Some qualified teachers will be able to apply for a reimbursement on their student loan payments made in the first 10 years of their careers, provided they are teaching in a state-funded school in a designated local authority. For more information on the Teachers’ student loan reimbursement scheme visit here.

For advice on how to apply for a tuition fee loan, visit


Maintenance Loans


Financial support may also be available to help you fund your living costs. This is dependent on each individual’s circumstances. You may have to disclose information about your household income. You must be a full time UK student (EU students can only apply if they have lived in the UK for five years). For advice on eligibility and applying, visit


Training Bursaries


Tax free bursaries of up to £24,000 are available for trainees on eligible postgraduate teacher training courses in England. Bursary amounts will vary depending on teacher training subject and degree class or highest relevant academic qualification. Please visit here for further information.


Scholarships (Secondary only)


Graduates with a 2:1 and above, who are passionate about their subject and have the potential to be inspirational teachers can apply for a tax-free scholarship of up to £26,000 with the appropriate professional body. Scholarships are available in Physics, Computing, Chemistry and Maths. Trainees who receive a scholarship will not also be eligible for the standard bursary. For more information visit this link.


Further Information


Websites with further information on all aspects of student finance: