Science is a byword for progress and is integral to all areas of our lives. Electricity, the internet, space travel and most recently the COVID-19 vaccines are just a few of the things made possible thanks to scientific understanding and yet there is still so much more to discover.

Could you inspire and motivate the next generation of scientists?

Children are naturally inquisitive so being taught by teachers who can harness their curiosity and engender a love of Science and an interest in the world around them is more important than ever.


At Altius we train dynamic and engaging teachers who can bring their subject to life, sparking interest and inspiring young people towards further learning.


Associate Teacher Betti Davis spent six years as a radiographer before choosing to train as a Science Teacher with Altius. She says: “I’ve a real passion for Science and, as a career changer working in healthcare, I’ve seen how Science impacts the real world and I really wanted to bring that to the next generation.


“I love showing the students how interesting and fun Science can be and it’s lovely when they’re excited about a lesson and to see that spark coming.”


As an Ofsted Outstanding teacher training provider, getting our trainees straight into the classroom is at the heart of all we do. You will be working with students as an Associate Teacher from day one, for the most hands-on and interactive route into teaching.


One to one mentoring is key to the school-led training we provide and you will receive exceptional subject specific support from highly experienced Science practitioners, who are experts in their field and currently teaching in Laurus Trust schools.


Betti continues: “All my mentors have been incredibly supportive. The mentor at my most recent placement is a chemistry specialist and, as a biologist, that is really great for me as I’ve been able to increase my subject knowledge in that area.”



We are looking for people with a real love and knowledge of their chosen subject who will be able to bring their enthusiasm into the classroom, to invigorate and energise young people in their learning.


Science can often feel intimidating and impenetrable to young people but, as a Science Teacher, you will be in the unique position of being able to break down the barriers surrounding the subject and challenge any misconceptions, increasing confidence among students and raising aspirations. As far as careers go, they don’t get much more rewarding than that.


To find out more about our training courses don’t hesitate to contact us on 0161 485 7201 or [email protected]